EQORIA means existence in Harmony.  Each letter in the word EQORIA represents Universal Principles of Existence.

EQORIA Harmony means to exist limitless in a limited body with a purpose to become a limitless singularity with many other existences.

EQORIA HARMONISM is the foundation of EQORIA Planetarian Singularity Infrastructure in which collective identity is in place with universal harmony without a limitation or control of ownership.

EQORIA Harmonism is the supreme planetarian existence of collective consciousness in a system of living without the ownership of universal beings.

This system of living provides an independent connection to external and internal beings. It gives each individual the freedom to choose unlimited creation and consumption activities as an experience to gain consciousness by the purpose of his or her reality.

The autonomic nervous system, sensory perception system, intelligence system, activity optimization system, storage system, recycle system, defense system, and many other qualities of this living system are very important ones.

The autonomy system which is part of the autonomic nervous system is a self-governing responsibility structure. The responsibility of the autonomous system is to maintain its integrity at the optimum level. This responsibility should be capable of providing activities to entities both inside and outside the autonomous structure. For example, consider a car; a human being, which is present in this car, must be able to meet the need for adequate oxygen using an air conditioning subsystem. The Autonomic system should be able to protect the living being inside the system, living being outside the system, and itself.

The city Infrastructure works with similar methods as far as autonomy.